Top 5 turkish herbs and spices you should try in your next recipe

Herbs and spices are very important in Turkish cusine. Here are some herbs and spices you should try to elevate your recipes!
  1. Sumac: When ground into a powder form it has a lovely burgundy hue and gives foods a slightly tangy, lemony flavor. In Turkish cuisine, sumac powder is used mainly as a garnish. It is sprinkled on grilled meats, dumplings with yogurt, and mixed with onions to accompany sautéed calf liver.
  2. Aleppo Pepper: this has a mild heat and is used in marinated and vinaigrettes, and as a seasoning. It has earthy, cumin and fruity undertones and is extremely versatile.
  3. Urfa biber: this is a smokey, fruity seasoning. Used in stews and marinades. This is a classic condiment for lamb kebabs, since its sour and smokey flavour can balance the gaminess of lamb.
  4. Fenugreek: this has a nutty and slighty bitter taste, but can be used fresh, dried, ground or as seeds. There is also impressive health benefits when eaten and contains a good amount of protein.
  5. Edible rose petals: an amazing garnish, with floral and fruity notes. Primarily used in desserts to sweeten and elevate the depth of flavour.
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