Top 5 things to look for when choosing beef

Go grass fed: animals that are grass fed contain more nutrients, are healthier, contain omega 3 fatty acids and contain less antibiotics and infection.
Grade: in Australia, the higher the MSA marbling of a steak means the better the quality, colour, marbling and fat depth it is. Looking for higher grades of beef will indicate the overall quality and will be more expensive.

  1. Choosing the right cut: When you are planning your meals, you may want to think about the kind of cut you will buy. For instance, a whole fillet will be great for roasting, a blade for slow cooking and fillet steaks perfect for fast cooking. Ensuring you choose the best cut will mean you can enjoy the full flavour of your beef. Read our blog post on choosing the right cut of beef here!
  2. Colour: When you purchase your organic beef, there is no doubt it will be a fresh, rich, vibrant colour. If you notice any discoloured spots, the meat may not have been handled properly, so it is essential to choose meat that is a uniform colour.
  3. Texture: When you are choosing your meat, it is also important to look at the texture of the meat to ensure you have picked the best beef. The meat should be whole, supple and not withered or dry. The muscle fibres should be taut and the grain should all point in one direction. A good butcher will be able to ensure cuts of meat are smooth with no uneven sections or ragged edges that can indicate a low quality cut.
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